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Mississippi Community College Board
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Monday, August 19, 2019  
Dr. Scott Kolle
Director of Curriculum,
Instruction, and Assessment
Dr. Kimberly Jones
Assistant Director
for Assessment
Krystal Adcock
Assessment Specialist
for Assessment
Dr. Chinchieh Chiang
Research Analyst
for Assessment
Shamiko Allen
Assessment Specialist
for Assessment
In 2016, following the adoption of the National Certifications Standards and Procedure Manual (2013), the Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB) adopted national certifications as the measure of technical skill attainment for CTE programs where such a certification existed. As curricula is revised or developed for Career Technical Education (CTE) programs at Mississippi’s community and junior colleges (MCJC), appropriate industry credentials and certifications are identified and adopted. As industry certification gains significance in the labor market, it is important for educational institutions to align their programs with certifications. Transitioning to national industry certifications requires adjusting how and what we teach and the skills students learn. This creates a talent pipeline that certifies to business and industry that students have the required skills and knowledge to highly perform in workplace. Ultimately, the national credentialing initiative will foster collaborative partnerships between the MCCB, MCJC, credentialing agencies, business and industry, that will enable reductions in the skills gap, improve employability, and create a stronger and more skilled workforce.
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Mississippi Perkins State Plan
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Mississippi Department of Education, Career & Technical Education
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