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Mississippi Community College Board
Office of Career and Technical Education
Monday, August 19, 2019  
Valeria Williams
Director of
Career and Technical Education
Voice: (601) 432-6519
William “Ed” Roberson
Progam Specialist
for Career and Technical Education
Voice: (601) 432-6221

The Career and Technical Division is responsible for working with community college deans and other personnel to assist with evaluation of programs, the reimbursement process for state upgrade equipment, salaries for Career-Technical personnel and reviews their requests for new programs, deletions or modifications to existing programs and serves as liaison between Community & Junior College Deans, the Mississippi Department of Education, and the Research and Curriculum Unit.
The division is also responsible for working with community and junior college personnel to develop and review the following: the Qualifications Manual for Career-Technical personnel, the Practical Nursing Accreditation Manual, the Practical Nursing Self-Study Process, and the Equipment Manual.
 Data Manager
 MS Workforce Advantage
  2012 PS Curr Revisions Final Adoption and Executive Summary
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Expand 2012 Validated Curriculum Frameworks2012 Validated Curriculum Frameworks

  PS CTE Directors Training Manual
  CCTODA Directory
  2018-2019 CTE Events Schedule
  Curriculum Revision Plan
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 SNAP Education and Training Grant

  OCR Compliance
  OCR Compliance Homepage

  Practical Nursing
  Practical Nursing Annual Report
  PN Accreditation and Self Study 2015
  PN Accreditation and Self Study 2010
  PN Accreditation Schedule

  State Perkins Plan
  Perkins Student Data Boilerplate
  2017-18 Perkins IV Reporting Manual
  2016-17 Perkins IV Reporting Manual
  2015-16 Perkins IV Reporting Manual
  2014-15 Perkins IV Reporting Manual
  2013-14 Perkins IV Reporting Manual Update
  2012-13 Perkins IV Reporting Manual
  2011-12 Perkins IV Reporting Manual
  Perkins Workgroup Overview
  NASDCTEc Perkins Side-by-Side
  Nontradtional for Males Crosswalk(updated March 2011)
  Nontradtional for Females Crosswalk(updated March 2011)
  Perkins Collaborative Resource Network
  Perkins IV Definitions and Measures
  Perkins IV Regulations
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